Office Phones

Whatever the size of your business, our range of services can provide the solution which best fits your business. We utilise the networks of the 2 largest providers in Australia and closely monitor any new services which may become available. All services provided by us have been vigorously tested for business to guarantee you receive the quality and reliability your business needs.

Standard Telephone Lines

These services can be used in many ways and for varying purposes. The majority of our clients use these services for normal telephone calls and faxes. Depending on your business size, multiple services can be connected in a group (Line Hunt) to help your business manage the call volumes of your business. Below is a summary of the services available in this category:

  • VOIP –Your Next-Generation phone solution for your entire organisation
  • PSTN – standard telephone line which can be installed in a short period of time
  • ISDN2 – 2 digital telephone lines. If your business needs direct in-dial numbers, this is the place to start
  • ISDN 10/20/30 – good option for larger businesses with a PABX. Lower average cost per line.


This is our preferred digital telephone line solution for businesses with a PABX. It comes standard with line hunt and can be used with a direct in-dial range. If you currently a standard telephone line solution, this option may help your business with its features and price point.

13, 1300 and 1800 Numbers

Make it easy for your clients to contact you. Our inbound services allow your customers to contact you on one number anywhere in Australia, either with a free call or the cost of a local call. These services also enable you to direct calls to different locations based on a range of options, such as location of the caller and time of call. Many options can be tailored for your needs and a member of our team can discuss these with you. The main differences between the number types are:

  • 1300 – customers can call your business from a fixed line for the cost of a local call anywhere in Australia
  • 1800 – customers can call you at no charge from a fixed line anywhere in Australia

Phone Systems

We work with a number of Authorised Phone System suppliers across Australia. Together, we develop a solution which ticks all the boxes. Our extensive experience with telephone systems has enabled us to build a quality network of partners who as a group give our clients the options of most major Phone System manufacturers. We can help guide you towards the best partner based on your requirements and budget. Contact our team today and we will work through your requirements and direct you towards the best solution.