What is NBN?
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australia wide project to upgrade the existing fixed line phone and internet network infrastructure. It is essential for Australia’s transition to a digital future. Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth and drive improvements to local economies, businesses and homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.

What does this mean to you as a business?

The NBN will give you more opportunities .This faster broadband will make it easier and faster to connect to your customers.

Am I eligible for NBN?
As the rollout of NBN has been a continuous process, it’s not serviceable in all areas. To find out if NBN is available at your area, Please enter your full address details on the search area below:

Can I use both PSTN and NBN service?
You will still be able to use PSTN service along with NBN as long as you are not in an area which has a disconnection date. However, all the PSTN service will be cut off once you reach a disconnection date.

What Services can still be available even after NBN installation has been completed?
Some services* like ISDN and other Phone or Internet provided over fibre or through a private owner network apart from Telstra and Optus.
(* ISDN, Multiline and services provided over fibre will remain in place for the time being. These services will eventually be brought across to NBN, however we don’t have a target date for this. Speak to one of our consultants on 1800 ROCTEL or to your phone technician if you have any questions.)

What is PSTN disconnection date and how does it affect my business?
Once the work for NBN has been completed in your area, there will be a cease sale (which means you won’t be able to request for new PSTN connections) time period. You will also receive a letter from NBN stating that you are already in an area where NBN is serviceable and asking you to check with your existing provider about switching to NBN. All the customers living in the area are given time to switch to NBN until the disconnection date has reached. After the disconnection date has reached, the PSTN network will be cut off in your particular area and you won’t be able to use it.

How will I use my alarm system or fax machine?

The NBN service comes with an optional analogue voice service as well which can be requested at the time of NBN installation. If your alarm system is using analogue signals, you would still be able to use it with NBN. The same applies to the fax service as well, however there are alternatives to it: fax-to-email service. Enquire with us today for the same.

I don’t see my address as the area where NBN has been installed? How long do I need to wait?
The NBN coverage map allows you to view if the construction has already commenced in your area. The rollout map is updated on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide any timelines as to when the installation will start in your area. However as soon as the service is available in your area, we will inform you to start the process of switching over to the NBN.

Will I still be able to keep my phone number if I switch to the NBN?
You would still be able to keep your number when you switch to NBN. You can use it as an analogue service or a digital service. At the moment, we are able to provide only 1 analogues service, so it won’t be possible for you to keep both your main number and fax number as an analogue service. However we have a better service which is Hosted Voice which uses internet. We can organize to port your number to hosted voice solution and you will still be able to use the same main number.

How long will it take for a NBN installation? Will there be a downtime?
The NBN installation is done by a contractor and may vary upon individual premises. The day of installation could range from 4 – 8 hours and the total time frame for NBN installation would be generally around 2-4 Weeks. There could be a downtime when the NBN service is being installed. However the PSTN network should be active before you are switched to NBN. Please discuss this with your sales consultant in details about how you can transition to NBN with minimal impact to your business.

What Changes will NBN Service bring to my business?
Once the NBN has been installed, you would experience that the internet speed would be a lot better than it was before with ADSL2 or ADSL2+ connection. You have the option to select the download and upload speed as per your usage. If you already use Hosted Voice Service, you may even notice that NBN has improved the way you are experiencing the service.

What are NBN plans offered by Roctel?
Roctel provides both NBN broadband standalone and NBN broadband and analogue voice service. Please speak to your account manager about your options and we should be able to advise you the best plan as per your requirements.

I am already on NBN with some other service provider? How do I switch to Roctel as my RSP?
Please call your account manager or talk to one of our friendly staff on 1800 ROCTEL in order to arrange the process of churning.

Do I need to install a new Modem?
NBN signup with Roctel comes with standard NBN modem which can be installed by one of our technical support consultants. The modem can be used wired or wirelessly as well. You might need a switch if your network requires more than 4 ports. You will still be able to use your existing modem if your modem supports NBN.

Do I need to have both broadband and voice NBN connection?
No, you don’t need to sign up for both voice and broadband service. As opposed to ADSL connections which requires PSTN connection, NBN can be installed as a standalone broadband service or bundled together with the voice and broadband service.

Do we need to get new handsets? What happens to our existing PABX system?

If you are using a single handset, you should be able to get as either an analogue or digital voice through the voice port in the modem installed at the premises but if you already have a PABX system, please refer to your telephone technician to see if it is upgradable to support NBN or alternatively please refer to hosted voice service provided by Roctel which is NBN ready PBX system.

Do I need to cable my premises after NBN install?
No, new cabling is not needed as long as your premises had previously been cabled with Cat 5 cables. The phones will now be using a data port instead of voice ports that are currently used.