Fibre Internet

fibre imageThe power of a fibre optic connection.

A private fibre connection isn’t just blazingly fast Internet – it’s the power to connect every device you own whilst streaming multiple HD movies, discovering new talent on YouTube™ and keeping on top of anything else that comes next.

Nothing can travel faster than light!

We have invested in future proofing your optical fibre technology to connect your home, work and school so that you won’t be left behind ever again.

Residential Plans & Fees:
100/100 Mbps 300/300 Mbps 1000/1000 Mbps
$99.95 $129.95 $229.95
Unlimited Data
1 Static IP Address
$49.95 Single band wireless
Unlimited Data
1 Static IP Address
$79.95 Dual band wireless
Unlimited Data
1 Static IP Address
Router: $189.95 Dual band wireless

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I agree to a $275.00 installation charge that must be paid once my order is confirmed and prior to the installation date.

All prices include GST. Router not included. The cost of increasing or decreasing speeds is $75.00 per change. Limited to 1 speed change per month. Installation Fee $275.00.

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