As a business only supplier, we strive to tailor everything for the needs of a business. This is completely true in relation to our Internet services. Recently we have released our ADSL2+ and SHDSL services which are perfect for many businesses and provides the confidence a business owner needs.

Business Grade ADSL2+ with Service Level Agreement

This service has been built from the ground up for business and is backed by our Service Level Agreement. ADSL2+ provides high speed broadband access across Australia. We have a range of plans with varying data allowances. Our SLA will give you the comfort that we are very confident in our service and are committed to making sure the service is always up and running. If something may bring your service down, we have to resolve the issue quickly based on the SLA.

Business Grade SHDSL

Our SHDSL solutions are best suited to businesses that rely on the internet to operate their key business communication services and also require both high upload & high download speeds to perform their required tasks. These services come with Business Grade SLA’s, Priority support and 24×7 Fault Coverage. Roctel’s SHDSL solutions currently range from 2M/2M up to 10M/10M with 4:1 or 1:1 options.


We also offer the first generation of DSL services. In some cases these services have coverage in locations currently not covered by ADSL2+. Many of our business clients like this style of service because they have a low usage requirement and are looking for a price point to suit their needs. Available speeds range from 256Kbps to 8,000Kbps.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is essential if you or your staff are constantly on the move and need to be connected while away from the office. A small piece of equipment can be connected to your laptop or computer and wirelessly you are connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. This access is available across the mobile 3G network, so access is available where you want to use it, such as parks, hotel rooms, caf├ęs, etc.

Web Hosting

All businesses are getting online, either with a simple brochure style website or with a more complex site. We provide a service that is very competitive in price, hosted and supported in Australia which also supports your email. Additionally, we can help with the delegation or acquisition of a domain name (website address) and can assist with putting you in touch with a website developer if required.