We understand there may be an issue pertaining to MyPBX & SIP services. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are investigating accordingly. There is no current ETA

Started at Approx 8:00 03/05/2018

Update #1 9:03 03/05/18:

We’re gathering further examples for investigation by Engin. This is being treated as a high priority. No ETA, updates to follow.

Update #2 10:12 03/05/18:

This is being investigated as a high priority and our engineers continue to work with Engin. NO ETA, Updates to follow.

Update #3 10:59 03/05/18:
Our Hosted voice platform provider’s  Network Engineers have advised there is a suspected outage in one of data centers in NSW affecting Hosted voice  services. We are chasing for updates. NO ETA at this time, Updates to follow.

Update #4 11:35 03/05/18:
Services appear to be coming back up since 11:22.