Google has now released a new application for android called ‘Keep’. This application will help keep the user organised and save time.

‘Keep’ gives Google users a place to store information like shopping lists, to-do-lists, recipes, reminders etc.
It allows the user to take notes in the palm of their hand at any time. Not only will android smartphone and tablet users be able to access this application but it can also be accessed through the computer. To log into your account all you need to do is go to . All notes are synchronized automatically and backed up similar to the program ‘Evernote’.

The information is stored on cloud, which makes it easy to access and share with others if need be.

This amazing app also can keep voice memos if you are on the run,  be used as a shortcut widget on the home screen of your android handset. You can easily turn a note into a checklist with boxes, colour code your notes and even archive no longer needed items with just a swipe.

Once you have a collection of notes, there are many ways to publish them. You can share them with any sort of social networking website. You can rearrange the notes with just holding your finger on one to then drag it around.

The app only runs on Android version 4.0 and above. If you are running 4.2 or above, ‘Keep’ will be directly in the lock screen as a widget.