Mobile Phones


Whatever your size or mobile requirement, we have a plan to suit your needs. Shown below are types of 4G plans currently available.

Experience great value and more plan inclusions from our new 4G Prima Plus mobile plans.

Mobile 4G PlansGreat network experience on a 4G Network.

Get more done in less time, with our range of 4G Plus plans.

International and National call inclusions.

Get up to 300 minutes to call 26 countries, unlimited national calls, text and standard MMS’s. Covers all the stuff you do every day – talking, texting and picking up your voicemail.

Peace of Mind

With the Zero Bill Shock feature you don’t need to worry about your mobile bill as there will be no excess usage charges.

Roaming voice packs

Get SMSs and minutes to call anywhere when you are Roaming Overseas.

Data bolt-ons

Now you can add extra data to your plan to use in Australia or when travelling overseas. Choose from 100MB to 5GB recurring and one-off bolt-ons to boost your allowance and save money.

Nano $20 MINI $25
was $35
was $45
was $55
MAX $50
was $65
1 month 12 month 12 month 12 month 12 month
Calls $200

$0.40 flagfall 
+ $0.99 per min 
for excess 

$0.40 flagfall 
+ $0.99 per min 
for excess 
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MMS (photo) Included Value Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedUUU Unlimited
Data 200MB 1.5GB 4GB 10GB
was 7 GB
was 10GB
Call to 26 Countries** 100 minutes 300 minutes 300 minutes
Calls to 1800 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Calls to 13-1300 Included Value# Included Value# Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Calls between users on the same network Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Prices include GST - *Excess data usage is charged at $0.03/MB ($30.72/GB). Alternatively,sign up to 1GB 
Auto Bolt-on to save and pay $10/GB.**Apart from China which calls to mobile are included,minutes can be 
used only to call international landlines.# Telstra Retail numbers 132000, 132203, 132674, 132999 are 
charged as excess usage.